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Reciprocal Dock Rules

Click here for a downloadable PDF file of all LYC reciprocal clubs, with details (please note - this is a large file)

Ladysmith Yacht Club has a floating clubhouse located at the end of "A" dock at Ladysmith Marina, which is on the west shore of Ladysmith Harbour. This is the last marina on your port side as you proceed into Ladysmith Harbour. It is across the harbour from the marina at the Page Point resort.

We have 220 feet of guest dock suitable for vessels up to 45 feet on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. There is a flat fee of $5/night; power is included.

Washrooms and showers are available next to the marina office.

Both 15 amp and 30 amp power is available. Please be careful to avoid overloading the breakers, as the breaker panel is inside the (usually locked) clubhouse. Water is sometimes unavailable during frosty weather in the winter. Visitors are welcome to use our deck, and barbecues are located there for guest use. The clubhouse is not open except for scheduled club events.

The Town of Ladysmith is approximately 1 km. from the Marina. Some shops will provide transportation back to the marina. Closest fuel is just across the harbour at Page Point Marina (effective April 1st). Fuel is also available at Jones Marine in Chemainus, or at either of the marinas at Telegraph Harbour (Thetis Island).

The Ladysmith Yacht Club now has a SELF REGISTRATION procedure for our reciprocal dock, which is located adjacent to our floating clubhouse. The procedures are as follows:

  • The "green" dock along the East, North and South sides of the clubhouse is available for reciprocal moorage 24/7/365. This is on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

  • Rafting is not permitted.

  • Visits are limited to 2 nights per 30-day period.

  • As we are operating a self-registration program, please fill-in a form from the box labelled "Registration Forms". Place the white copy and your payment into the supplied envelope, and then slide the envelope through the mail slot in the clubhouse door. The yellow copy should be displayed on your boat.

  • Be very careful with your power consumption or you will throw a breaker and likely will be without power for the remainder of your stay.

  • The LADYSMITH YACHT CLUB hopes that you enjoy your visit to Ladysmith. If you have any questions or problems, you can call our voluntary reciprocal chairman who is available on an irregular basis at 250 245-4030.

  • You are welcome to join in our LYC Potluck dinner held on the FIRST FRIDAY of every MONTH (check our website ) BYOB, a dish to share, and something for the BBQ which gets fired up at 1800 hr.

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